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Not only does our community have a regularly updated Residents Corner but we also wanted to give some extra attention to our other special residents: your pets! We would love to add photos of your pets to our Pets Corner Gallery! Simply send your picture via email and your best buddies will be added to the gallery. Don't forget to include their name.

Do you have any friends looking for an apartment where pets are welcome? Don't forget to refer your family, friends and co-workers to our pet friendly Loveland apartments where cats, dogs, rabbits, goldfish and people can find a great home. For those looking for a pet friendly apartment, read our pet policy on the right and call 513-285-3980 today.

Loveland Station Apartments Pet Gallery - Send Us Your Photos

Pet of the Month - June

Owner Name: Robert
Pets Name: Enzo
Breed: Blue Russian/Tabby
Age: 1 1/2 years old

Say “Hello” to Enzo! He’s too smart for his own good! He knows how to open doors, he can catch a small football or stuffed animal on the fly. Also, he hates catnip and, in another life, would have been a UFC fighter. His ground came is amazing! His owner believes he may throw parties while his is gone. Who know. He’s a good cat though.

Pet of the Month - April

Owner Name: Cora
Pets Name: Flippo
Breed: Beta Fish
Age: Age

This is Flippo. He’s not a furry friend, but he’s Cora’s best pal. She draws pictures of the two of them going on adventures, and insists that people say goodbye to him when they leave our house.

Pet of the Month - February

Owner Name: Pat
Pets Name: Oscar
Breed: Kitten

Say “Hello” to Oscar! His owner just rescued him. He is a very loving and playful kitten. He enjoys cuddling with his mom and looking out of the windows.


Pet of the Month - January

Owner Name: Shannon and Adam
Pets Name: Rossy
Breed: Mutt, maybe a Basenji mix

Rossy is a mutt but we believe him to be a Basenji mix. He loves car rides, napping and walking around Loveland carrying his favorite toy. He is happy to meet new dogs and will never turn down a new doggie friend.

Pet of the Month - December

Owner Name: Kristy and Kelly
Pets Name: Fergus and S'mores
Breed: Shetland Sheep dog and Kitten
Age: 7 years and 6 months

S’mores is a 6 month old Rescue Kitten and Fergus is a 7 year old Shetland Sheepdog. S’mores & Fergus are both VERY shy but…they love short walks on the bike trail, occasional treats from the LSA office, and are the best of friends (although Fergus won’t admit it).

Pet of the Month - November

Owner Name: Cassie and Adam
Pets Name: Nala
Breed: Mixed
Age: Age

Say Hello to Nala, Loveland Stations Pet of the Month!

Nala is definitely a lover and not a fighter! She consistently shares her happiness with the Loveland community, whether she’s on the bike trail greeting every single person that passes by with a tail wag and a kiss or on the balcony sitting in her favorite chair posing for those passing by! Some of Nala‘s favorite hobbies include playing with her brother Dean, cuddling with her parent’s, Adam and Cassie, and enjoying whipped cream every time Cassie makes a coffee!

Pet of the Month - October

Owner Name: Evan and Christina
Pets Name: Hampton
Breed: Boston Terrier
Age: 1 year old

Say “Hello” to Hampton. He loves to play hide n’ seek but he loves his bones even more. He wants to say “Hi” to everyone he meets and, according to his parents, he loves to fart!

Pet of the Month - August

Owner Name: Tiffany and Keith
Pets Name: Olive
Breed: Dachshund
Age: 1

Olive loves sleeping in her toy basket, likes walks on the bike trail, loves cuddles, and her favorite treat is beef jerky!

Pet of the Month - July

Owner Name: Ashley and John
Pets Name: Fiona
Breed: Pug
Age: Age

Fiona loves to babysit her little sister. She also likes going on walks on the Bike Trail. She loves Paxton’s patio and snoring during naps!


Pet of the Month - June

Owner Name: Ellen and Boby
Pets Name: Percy
Breed: Pug
Age: 1 1/2

Say “Hello” to Percy. His favorite activities include car rides, playing around, and snuggling, which often leads to snoring! He loves Living on the Loveland Bike Trail and going for lots of walks. He also enjoys stopping by the leasing office to get treats!

Pet of the Month - May

Owner Name: Joe and Donna
Pets Name: Pumpkin
Breed: Breed
Age: Age

Say hello to Pumpkin! One of the friendliest dogs at Loveland Station. She loves everyone and enjoys going swimming in the River!

Pet of the Month - April

Owner Name: Kevin and Olivia
Pets Name: Daisy
Breed: Puggle
Age: 8 months

Say hello to our pet of the month, Daisy! She is an 8 month old Puggle.  She loves running, chasing her tail, getting treated like a princess, and snuggling!

Pet of the Month - February

Owner Name: Pat
Pets Name: Ozzy
Breed: Domestic
Age: 16

Everyone say hello to Ozzy! He loves to lay around on tissue paper. He also loves to hang out in his cardboard caves. Ozzy is very friendly and loves meeting his owners visitors!

Pet of the Month - April

Owner Name: Damiene & Mark
Pets Name: Horatio & Domino
Breed: Havanese

We are so glad spring is here as we love our rides on the bike trail!

Pet of the Month - March

Owner Name: Bobbie & Larry
Pets Name: Desmond
Breed: Cat's Meow

I rule my abode and my servants, Bobbie and Larry, come to my beck and call.  They know I deserve nothing more than the best chicken for all my meals.

Pet of the Month - February

Owner Name: Ashley & John
Pets Name: Fiona
Breed: Pug
Age: 7 years young

Most enjoyable activity is watching sports!

Pet of the Month - November

Owner Name: Jordan
Pets Name: Tucker
Breed: Australian Shepherd
Age: 3 months

Pet of the Month - October

Owner Name: Rob
Pets Name: Stella
Breed: Labradoodle
Age: 4 Years Old

Pet of the Month - September

Owner Name: Pat
Pets Name: Ozzy
Breed: Handsome Kitty!!

Pet of the Month - June

Owner Name: Gretchen & Bill
Pets Name: Darla
Breed: English Bull Dog
Age: 5 Weeks!!!

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