Managers Corner


Welcome to the Manager’s Corner. Here you can update rents and specials, get the content for craigslist ads, submit News & Events and get questions answered about your website!

Review the Staff Responsibilities, Staff News & Info, and Manager FAQ.

Download these files, read and print for your staff.


Staff Responsibilites

  • Update rents as they change.
  • Update specials as they change.
  • Update office hours if they change.
  • Post on Craigslist twice daily.
  • Submit 4 items for the news and events before the 1st of each month. If a resident event comes up during the month, we need notice minimum 1 week before event.
  • Submit 1 Pet of the Month each month.
  • Submit photos of resident events after they take place to: our support staff.
  • Promote the news and events blog around the community.
  • Review the website for accuracy of information. Email our support staff if something needs to be changed and you don’t have access here in Managers Corner.
  • Use the New Resident Checklist when someone signs a lease.
  • Send information to Resident360 (email support) that needs to be communicated to residents so we can send out through Constant Contact, our resident communication system.
  • Constantly look for opportunities to get resident testimonials. You can submit photos and release forms here, but email videos to our support staff. See FAQ for more details.
  • Always be on the look out for referrals.

Staff News & Info

  • PET OF THE MONTH: Riverwalk is now implementing “Pet of the Month” on your pets corner page. Check out the Villas at Katy Trail Pet Corner for an example of what this looks like. It is a feature in addition to the Photo Gallery. Each month you must submit a pet of the month, or you can submit a few at a time ahead of time so we have content for 3 months in advance.
  • Local Business Partnership Opportunities: We need you to help us identify good local businesses that we would want to align ourselves with like colleges, quality pet stores, etc. We would like to cross-promote with local business to spread the word about YOUR community and in exchange allow the business to contribute content to our Residents Corner blog. They get to write an article about their company for our news & Events, and then they would give us some free marketing on their website, etc. Email our support staff if you have suggestions!